Wow, what a whirlwind couple of weeks!

I wrapped shooting on Appetites, an indie horror film, in which I play a well-meaning busybody waitress. I also performed in my UCB 101 graduation show at the UCB theatre. Major thanks to our fabulous teacher Betsy Stover for the challenging work we did together--and for her impeccable ear for comedy.

The big news this week is shooting at NBC studios for an episode of the new sitcom "Bad Judge," starring Kate Walsh. I was so thrilled to be called in for a co-star part on this episode, and I was over the moon when I booked it! I'm playing one of several jurors who cause problems for Judge Wright when she tries to cut out of jury duty.

Cast and crew have all been wonderful, and it's so thrilling to be in a room with comic knockouts like Ms. Walsh and Rob Riggle. It's been such a privilege to work with both of them, and with the other wonderful co-stars!

Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks to Kiki Ruud and Geraldine Leder, who called me in after seeing my UCB showcase. I can't wait to finish out day 2!